Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks Robbie & Ann!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with Robbie & Ann, Gabe, Andrea, & kids. Thanks so much! We spent lots of time on the beach - it was sunny and warm the whole time. Made it very difficult to come back to colder weather. We also went to the Getty - this great Art museum in LA. Emory loved the ocean!!

Morro Bay

On our way down to LA, we stopped overnight in Morro Bay. A beautiful little beach town with a string of volcanic rocks just off the shore line. It was really nice - I think we liked this town better than San Fran.

Our drive to LA

After the conference, we drove from San Fran down to LA. We took scenic route 1 for some of the way (when it was not raining). Here are some pics of the drive.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

San Francisco

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to ABCT (another conference) in San Francisco. We did some sight-seeing, and got to see Lisa, David, & Jan. Good times. They also have a large Macy's there, and a Christmas tree.

Chris & Boston

A few weekends ago we got to hang out with our friend Chris. We showed in a bit around Boston. One place we went was the Harvard campus.


At the beginning of November I went to Montreal for a conference. It was rainy during the conference, but nice and sunny on the last day we were there. I went for a morning power walk around Old Montreal, and than ate some great crepes. There are some beautiful buildings there, here is one example.