Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anica's New Apartment

Here are some pics of my new place in Pittsburgh. Turn your head sideways for the first pic, as it takes a long time to load so I don't want to redo it. I really miss Aaron and all my Mount Pleasant friends. I started internship, so have meet my 5 other internship mates, and they are really great. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together this year!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Night Out in Mt. P

The girls and I hit the town one of the last nights that I was in town. Thanks for the drinks ladies! Good thing I was still ok to pack the next day! Oh, there was also this awesome rainbow that day!

Family Reunion in Colorado

We had a great time out in Colorado! We got to meet some new family members, have fun with old friends, and see some beautiful sights! We had a fun family picnic, drove up a 14,000 foot mountain, had a game night, watched family slideshows and videos, and had a "dance party." We also had some wonderful food and went to a splash park. We will be ready for the next reunion wherever it might be (and are even more excited about the mini-reunion that our wedding will be)! Here are some pics. Emory, Shilah, and Claire with Cheyenne. What cuties!

Pre-Colorado Ann Arbor

Before we went out to the reunion, Aaron and I stayed with Aaron's mom for a few days in Ann Arbor. I was lucky enough to get some "Pittsburgh prep" clothes and information, as well as a birthday coat. Here is a pic of me with the coat and one of me with Caley, one of Ann's cute kitties.

Backing up - Going away party

Before we left Mount Pleasant, Stuart and Kelley hosted a going away party for us. There was lots of great people, food, and drink to be had! We will really miss everyone. Please stay in touch with us!! And believe it or not, we really had a great thing going with all of our friends in Mount Pleasant, and we will miss it a lot. If anyone ever wants to come and visit Pittsburgh or Iowa City, please feel welcome! Here are some pics from the party!


Well, I have made it to Pittsburgh. Thanks to Aaron and Matt for all of their help in the moving process (and to Hina with her packing help)!! I thought that we might end up leaving the couch outside, but we were just barely able to get it up the stairwell into my place. At first I was not so sure about my place (sloping floors, broken facet, windows that were painted over), but now that I have things set up and pictures of people all over the place, I really like it. I am getting used to the bus system here, and I can walk to the supermarket, lots of cute little stores and coffee shops, and to Whole Foods! I won't get internet for another week, so I am only checking email and doing internet things during the day while I have coffee down the street from my house. Please feel free to write or call, I am not used to this whole living on my own thing anymore!

Once Aaron gets his internet up in Iowa he will be posting here as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hectic Hectic Hectic.....

So we got back from our family reunion in Colorado at about midnight last night - we had a wonderful time!!! We stayed at Aaron's Mom's for the night, and drove up to Mount Pleasant for the last time (until we come back to defend our dissertations) this morning. We had a going away party (another one), and then did some packing, went out for ice cream with stuart and kelley, and are now back to pack. So with coffee on my desk and dinner in the oven, I will continue to sift through all the books and paperwork that we have accumulated over the past couple of years.

I promise to update the blog with pictures of our first going away party and the Colorado trip soon. Thanks to all for the well wishes and the visiting!