Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, I have made it to Pittsburgh. Thanks to Aaron and Matt for all of their help in the moving process (and to Hina with her packing help)!! I thought that we might end up leaving the couch outside, but we were just barely able to get it up the stairwell into my place. At first I was not so sure about my place (sloping floors, broken facet, windows that were painted over), but now that I have things set up and pictures of people all over the place, I really like it. I am getting used to the bus system here, and I can walk to the supermarket, lots of cute little stores and coffee shops, and to Whole Foods! I won't get internet for another week, so I am only checking email and doing internet things during the day while I have coffee down the street from my house. Please feel free to write or call, I am not used to this whole living on my own thing anymore!

Once Aaron gets his internet up in Iowa he will be posting here as well.

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