Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I apologize for such a long abscence from posts. I have been busy with work, Jazzercise, and missing Aaron! Plus, I have not been up to much that would be exciting to post about....until this past weekend.

Aaron and I met up at his mom's house near Ann Arbor. We had a WONDERFUL weekend visiting with family and friends and enjoying great food and company. We had Thanksgiving day dinner with Aaron's mom, brother, aunt and uncle. We drove up to Mount Pleasant on Friday and visited with are large and small (and furry) friends up there. Saturday we spent hanging out in Ann Arbor and Sunday we went our separate ways (sadly). Thanks to everyone who hosted and fed us, we had a great time!! And happy Thanksgiving everyone - I have lots to be thankful for, and I appreciate it all (even if it doesn't seem like it all the time).

Here are some pics from the weekend.

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The Pless People said...

A very happy belated thanksgiving from the Pless Family in Colorado!