Monday, September 15, 2008

Indiana, PA

Over the weekend I met up with my dad in Indiana, PA. He grew up near here, and his sister and brother-in-law live in this town, and my grandma is in a nursing home there as well. I took a bus early Saturday morning (at 5 am) to get there. My aunt Joyce was on vaca with her girlfriends, so we hung out with uncle Bill. We went to see Grandma both Saturday and Sunday, and it was really nice. She has a great view from her place, and we were able to bring her outside on Sunday afternoon. She was really happy to see us I think, and we looked at pictures with her (Aimee- thanks so much for sending all those updates to her, I think it really means a lot), and told old stories. Dad and I went to Saltsburg and walked aroundf for an afternoon - we went to the museum that grandma was instrumental in putting together, and as soon as people there found out who we were, they flocked to us. I guess that says a lot about what grandma meant to them. Dad ran into a woman that he knew from high school - they were voted "best all around" together in the senior yearbook. We saw pics of dad's uncle Howard from about 1940. There were some beautiful old dresses in the musuem as well as lots of artifacts. It was really neat. Joyce actually came home after dad left, so we spent some time looking at pictures of trips and our blogs. She says to say hello to everyone, and hopefully we will be meeting up in Pittsburgh sometime soon!

Ok, along with my rant I will post some pics. First is my dad and grandma and some views from her nursing home. We also stopped by a dam along one of the rivers. Then we have uncle Bill and dad are chilling on the deckg. It really was more beautiful than I expected or remembered it. And it was nice to get out of the city for the weekend.

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